Short Films 

“All my life I have seen only troubled times, extreme divisions in society, and immense destruction.” (Guy Debord) When they turn, they turn away. And with their backs to contemporary society, they find that they can only block out a portion of what they despise. It’s never enough. Something of these times always remains, always present, no matter what.

“[…] you can look at a piece of a puzzle for three whole days, you can believe that you know all there is to know about its coloring and shape, and be no further on than when you started.” George Perec, Life A User’s Manual

Distant States 15:39, B&W, 2017
Uncertain of what they perceive, unsure of what they say and how they speak. To begin again, to abandon all, to live like an exile, proves inadequate. If there is such a thing as resistance, then they struggle towards it. Everyday grief. Relaxation a luxury. What are they committed to? What are they running from? Before the walls go up and the barbed wire fences, they would like to make a difference or at least try.

Simple Motions 9:32, B&W, 2015
Two characters in search of a film.

An attempt to make a film in the present tense. The film combines the narrative of a poet named, Anne and her encounters with various characters in her attempt to find understanding in an increasingly fragmented society; with sequences entitled "tangents," where the filmmaker attempts to engage, in the present tense, with the ideas being expressed within the film as well as questioning the purpose of radical cinema within the context of 21st Century American society. 

Two women contemplate the end of time.

Edges of an Investigation 17:00, Color, 2012
This film is a companion short to the feature length film Episodes from an Investigation. This film was made using leftover footage from that work, as well as bits and pieces of footage filmed on the set of Karl Starkweather's "Look At You."

Struggles in Opposition 45:03, Color, 2012
A young woman struggles to free herself from the shackles of her living situation, while at the same time trying to find a new way of understanding herself, her thoughts, and her ideas. She has the desire to progress and grow intellectually.

Deal(s) 11:38, Color, 2011
Two characters discuss the pros and cons of making a deal.

Street Scene 6:30, B&W/Color, 2011
Two characters lost on the street become hostile to the film they are in and the film's creator.

Several characters in a coffee shop are unable to comprehend their own intellect or verbalize their goals and desires.

Savage Myths 11:01, Color, 2011
Savage Myths deals with various concepts concerning nature, individualism, capitalism, and technology, which is presented as an absurd and formalist film.

Expectations 11:23, Color, 2011
Two characters, a woman and a man, ponder their inability to meet their expectations, while also passing the time between rumination, and basking in the illogical and referential.

Morning of Drunkenness 5:39, Color, 2009
mornings filling out skyline apartments where skyscrapers meet concrete meet cinema meet drunkenness in spirit only boredom or spinning around in circles where beckett meet godard meets akerman and absurdity meets hardwood floor.

Up/Down Stairs 19:53, B&W, 2009
frozen wanderings juxtaposed with (phantom?) memories still tied moving lucid yet immobile startling yet ordinary bizarre yet familiar random yet purposeful in all wandering in all up fusing with all down with all stairs with all floors with all carpets with the whiteness of all walls.

Feature Films

Uncertain Relations 97 minutes, B&W, 2014
Two sisters try to come to terms with their past, while striving to understand the uncertainty of the present.

Mad Gone World 101 minutes, Color, 2013
Con artists. Architecture. City planning. A play (both real and false). A comedy? A farce? An absurdist romp through a 21st century American city? Coffee. Cousins? Ideals are dead. Grants. Capitalistic pigs. Four women. Rich kids. Dead on the floor? World gone mad? Ideals are dead. It is the world that has gone mad. Paranoia. What is there left to do? Who is mad? Ideals are dead. In a world gone mad.

Episodes from an Investigation 115 minutes, Color/B&W, 2012
Essay/narrative film presented as a series of fragments from the lives of numerous cinephiles and radicals living in the nightmare capitalism of 21st Century America. This film attempts to integrate theory, form, and content in order to explore the relationships between cinema and capital, the past and the present, and filmmaker and theorist, while at the same time questioning our assumptions about cinematic history and our place in the cinematic future. Episodes from an Investigation is film as theory. How do we understand cinema? And where can cinema go? The film cuts between three related narratives: a film collective on a journey to find a mysterious film theorist/filmmaker; a couple whose relationship is falling apart as they each work on pieces concerning the cinematic past and the cinematic present; and two cinematic radicals holed up in an unknown location trying to understand how to revolutionize cinema. The question remains: what is the future of cinema?

Shoebox 73 minutes, Color, 2012
A man and a woman refuse to leave their apartment. They undertake a series of esoteric and nonsensical games to pass the time, and even though they run out of food and things to say to each other, they become resigned to never leaving their apartment.

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